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  • The AF Mod RS Collector Kit is the fusion of the Flave RDTA and an AF Mod all designed by the French modder Alliancetech Vapor. With a diameter of 22 mm, it is compatible with the 18650 and 18350 format. The hybrid mechanical mod is equipped with a lockable bottom switch and a revised version of the Flave RDTA with Hybrid connection. Limited to 500 copies.

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    The Borohm V2 is an AIO mechanical box designed by SnV Mods. Made in SLS, it uses the Boro R4 (not supplied) of a Billet Box Rev4 and the 18650 battery format. This improved version of the V1 is equipped with a lockable switch, a silver lamellas and a new bridge connection system.

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    The Borohm is a mechanical box mod made by SnV Mods. Designed in SLS it uses the R4 Boro Tank from the Bllet Box Rev.4 (not supplied). With an integrated switch, silver strip, it works with the 18650 battery format.

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