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Hohm Work² 18650 battery from HohmTech has an autonomy of 2547 mAh and a discharge capacity of 25.3 A.

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Battery Hohm Work² 18650 2547 mAh - 25.3 A - HohmTech

The Hohm Work² 18650 format battery with QSP Li-NMC chemistry by HohmTech, has an autonomy of 2547mAh and a discharge capacity of 25.3 A. Performance adapted to regulated and unregulated mods with resistances greater than 0.14 ohm and power less than 73W

Recommended minimum resistance: greater than 0.14 ohm

Warning :

  • Use a suitable charger.
  • Store your unused rechargeable batteries at 45%, with a voltage greater than 3.6V.
  • Carry your batteries in a suitable case.
  • Never short-circuit your batteries.
  • Respect the polarity
  • Avoid sources of heat (sun, radiator ...).
  • Do not use a battery with damaged or torn heat-shrink tubing.
  • Do not throw your used batteries in the trash, recycle them.
Type of product 18650 Battery
Brand HohmTech
Discharge capacity (in A) 25.3A
Battery Size 18650
Capacity 2547mAh
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