Tammy (x4) - ODB Wraps


The set of 4 Tammy Wraps from the English brand ODB is a must-have for the maintenance and customization of your 18650 batteries. These pre-cut wraps offer essential protection to guarantee the safety and longevity of your batteries while adding a unique touch to your vaping equipment.

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Tammy (x4) - ODB Wraps

O  D  B    W  R  A  P  S

ODB wraps are protective envelopes for batteries, designed to guarantee the safety and integrity of your batteries. Available for different battery types, such as 21700 and 18650 batteries, these wraps provide essential protection against damage and short circuits while adding a personalized aesthetic touch.

Prevent short circuits caused by nicks or tears. Extends battery life by providing additional protection. ODB wraps bring a touch of original and personalized style to your batteries.

Equipment: Bring a hair dryer or heat gun, which is essential for the wrapping process.

Preparation: Carefully remove the old film from the battery. Make sure to save the top plastic ring of the battery, as it is crucial for reassembly.

Application: do slide the new ODB film onto the battery, making sure the top and bottom are even. Use the hair dryer or heat gun to evenly apply heat until the wrap shrinks perfectly around the battery.

Always prioritize safety when handling batteries. Damaged heat shrink tubing can pose serious risks. Inspect your batteries regularly and replace the wraps as necessary.

ODB wraps are essential to guarantee the safety and integrity of your batteries.

In addition to their protective function, ODB wraps also allow you to personalize the appearance of your batteries with varied and creative designs.


Reference WRP-ODB-650-TMY
Battery Size18650
OriginUnited States
Type of productWrap