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The Borohm V2 is an AIO mechanical box designed by SnV Mods. Made in SLS, it uses the Boro R4 (not supplied) of a Billet Box Rev4 and the 18650 battery format. This improved version of the V1 is equipped with a lockable switch, a silver lamellas and a new bridge connection system.

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Borohm V2 by SnV Mods

This new version of the Borohm highlights a new connection system and the brand's signature lockable switch.

Always Full Mech

Just like the first version, the Borohm V2 is entirely mechanical. Operating with an 18650 battery, it has a silver strip and a brass connection screw to ensure a perfect connection with your Bridge. Designed in SLS and tinted in black.

Boro Inside

Using a Boro R4, the Borohm V2 will be compatible with almost all bridges and resistors usable on this format. Once your bridge is in place, just insert the boro in the box and screw the screw located below the Borohm in order to make contact with your bridge and keep it in place in the Borohm.

Lockable switch and design

This Borohm V2 is now equipped with a lockable switch common to SnV Mods models. Placed on the top of the box, it is more accessible and blends into the body of the Borohm V2. The design has been completely revised in order to greatly improve the grip, the connection screw is now more accessible and easy to use thanks to the SLS part which covers it.


The Borohm is a mechanical box, it is imperative to respect the following elementary rules:

  • Use only flat-top batteries in perfect condition (envelope not torn, no signs of falling).
  • Use only coils or bridges with a fixed positive pin that protrudes at least 5 mm from the negative connection.
  • Make sure you use high CDM batteries and never exceed the specifications of your batteries.
  • Remove the battery when the box is not in use.
  • Do not leave near a heat source and unattended (fire, direct sunlight, radiator, in a vehicle ...).
  • Always check your resistance on an electronic box before use in the Borohm V2.
  • Respect the polarity of the Borohm V2 (the positive of the battery downwards).
  • Clean the lamella contacts regularly.
  • Compatible only with original Boro Tanks.
Brand SnV Mods
Format Box
Built-in battery No
Number of batteries 1
Battery Size 18650
Material 3D Nylon, Silver
Connectors Proprietary
Center Pin Adjustable
Inhalation Direct (DL), Restrictive Direct (RDL), Indirect (MTL)
Tank Boro sold separately
Airflow Side
Airflow Control No
Difficulty Expert
Type of product Boro Box Mod
Origin France
  • Samsung INR 25R 18650 battery, with a range of 2500 mAh and a discharge capacity of 20 A. 

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