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The Stubby AIO X-Ray SE 21700 + Boro RDTA is an electronic AIO box and an rebuildable atomizer designed by Suicide Mods in collaboration with Vaping Bogan and Orca Vape. Operating with an 21700 battery, for a maximum power of 80W, it is compatible with the Boro R4 format thanks to an adapter and its RDTA allows an RDL vape with 8.7 ml of capacity.



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Stubby 21 AIO X-Ray SE by Suicide Mods, Vaping Bogan and Orca Vape

The alliance of 3 modders to achieve an innovative and state-of-the-art AIO.

Ergonomics and electronics

The Stubby AIO is an electronic box that embeds a chip that can deliver a maximum of 80W. Operating with an 21700 battery, its chip is equipped with all temperature control modes and allows charging by USB-C. Its pocket size 88 mm x 46 mm x 33 mm can accommodate all boro in R4 format and its thread is compatible with the majority of integrated drip tips.

Ingenious in every way

The heart of the Stubby AIO is not like other AIOs. Indeed, its Boro compartment is much larger, which allows it to be used with the RDTA delivered with the box and therefore to benefit from a gargantuan and never seen capacity for this 8.7 ml format! A supplied adapter allows you to use all current boro and AIO tanks without fear. Another bluffing point, no wire connects the chip of the box to its connectors, which reveals a real ingenuity in the development of this AIO. Finally, even the connection with the battery is equipped with a screw connection so as not to damage your wraps.

An RDTA like no other

What stands out about the Stubby AIO's RDTA is its colossal size! This rebuildable, single coil atomizer can hold up to 8.7ml of liquid. Four stainless steel cables plunge into the tank in order to supply the coil placed at the top of the tank. Equipped with 4 pads to adapt to all coil configurations, the "Stubby RDTA" has an airflow adjustment by interchangeable pins located under the resistance. 4 possible air opening configurations that can vary between 2.00 mm, 2.8 mm, 3.5 mm and without pin for an opening of 4.5 mm.

Package content

  • 1 Stubby AIO X-Ray SE 21700
  • 1 RDTA
  • 1 Spares bag
  • 1 User manual


BrandOrca Vape Suicide Mods
Max power80W
Battery Size21700
USB PortType C
Dimensions88 mm x 46 mm x 33 mm
InhalationDirect (DL) Restrictive Direct (RDL)
Airflow ControlBy interchangeable pins
DeckSingle Coil
Type of productBoro Box Mod


Customer reviews

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Based on 2 reviews

  • Image utilisateur Marcel K.
    Published Mar 14, 2024 at 12:14 pm (Order date: Mar 02, 2024)

    Good Mod, the best AIO in this entire World :D

  • Image utilisateur Robert F.
    Published Feb 25, 2024 at 01:52 pm (Order date: Feb 15, 2024)

    This Stubby is on point.I have the first one with the 18650 it's great but I can go through 3 top of the line 18650 in a day.Witj the new Stubby 21 xray 21700 battery I can go all day and more without charging. Plus I'm more of a direct lung person and with the open panels of the Stubby XRAY I get a lot more air when it's to much you can dial it down with air pins within the RBA.I have just about every Boro device on the market thats any good. This STUBBY21 XRAY is now my all day go to mod. I just want to say thanks to Steam and vape for having one in stock when nobody in the US in stock and from all the other places that I tried Steam and vape was the cheapest price.