Enovap Molicel P26A 18650 - 2600 mAh - 25A

Enovap Molicel P26A 18650 - 2600 mAh - 25A View larger


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Battery 18650 Enovap Molicel P26A, nominal capacity 2600mAh , continuous discharge 25A.

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Battery Molicel Enovap 18650 P26A - 2600 mAh - 25A

Molicel P26A Enovap 18650 is a balanced battery suitable with regulated and unregulated mods.

Minimum resistance recommended: 0.14 ohm. Recommended use max 75W - max 25A

Caution :

  • Use a suitable charger.
  • Store your unused rechargeable batteries at 45%, with a voltage greater than 3.6V.
  • Carry your batteries in a suitable case.
  • Never short-circuit your batteries.
  • Respect the polarity
  • Avoid sources of heat (sun, radiator ...).
  • Do not use a battery with damaged or torn heat-shrink tubing.
  • Do not throw your used batteries in the trash, recycle them.
Brand Samsung, Molicel
Discharge capacity (in A) 25A
Battery Size 18650
Capacity (in mAh) 2600mAh
Type of product Battery
Origin China