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30 € - 85 €
  • The Notion MTL is a hybrid mechanical mod made by Timesvape running on a 20350 or 18350 battery with an adapter. With its rings 22 mm and 24 mm it allows the installation of atomizer of this diameter.

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  • Trifecta is a hybrid mechanical mod made in the Philippines. Equipped with a swicth on the side and made of a Delrin body, it is equipped with a tube and brass contacts. It is comprised of two dedicated bodies, one for use with in 18650, the other for the 18350 (not supplied).

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  • The Tauren Max from ThunderThread Creation, is a hybrid connection mechanical mod that accepts 21700, 20700 and 18650 batteries with the supplied adapter. Featuring a lockable swicth with improved contact.

    66,58 €
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  • Athom Poolished by SnV Mods, is a full mechanichal mod. Operating with a 18650 battery, it consists of a brass tube, a silver lamella, a self-adjusting pin and a body in SLS Nylon Carbon. Its side switch is lockable.

    79,17 €
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  • Athom by SnV Mods, is a full mechanical mod. Operating with a 18650 battery, it consists of a brass tube, a silver lamella, a self-adjusting pin and a body in SLS Nylon Carbon. Its side switch is lockable.

    66,67 €
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  • The Viking Mod from Seris Vape is a mechanical tube mod, entirely copper with hybrid connection accepting 18650 format batteries.

    37,86 € 54,08 €
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  • Mage Mech V2.0 Stacked Edition by CoilArt is a mechanical mod with a hybrid connexion, using 18650, 20700 and 21700 batteries. Its extension tube also allows it to be used in stack with two batteries in series.

    58,25 €
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