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    The Valhalla V2 RDA is a dripper designed by Vaperz Cloud. With a diameter of 40 mm and a height of 35 mm, it has a postless-type dual coil deck equipped with an ultem chamber reducer as well as an airflow control.

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  • The Kong RDA is a dripper designed by the Canadian modders of qp Design. With a diameter of 28 mm and clearly oriented to the direct vape, its postless tray can accommodate 2 coils. BF compatible.

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  • The Z RDA is a dripper atomizer designed by GeekVape. With a diameter of 25 mm and a height of 33.7 mm, its postless deck can accommodate 2 coils. Equipped with an airflow from the top, it is DL vape oriented.

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  • The Requiem is a Dripper designed by Vandy Vape. With a diameter of 22mm, it offers a single coil plate and has 3 chambers to adjust its air flow. It is BF compatible and comes with a 24-22 mm aesthetic ring.

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  • The Kali V2 RDA is a dripper designed by the Canadian modders of QP Design. Dripper 25 mm in diameter, dual coil, the Kali V2 is resolutely oriented for DL ​​vapers. Bottom feeder compatible, it comes with a multitude of accessories to customize it.

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    The Vauban is a dripper made by the French duo VoluteModz. This 22mm atomizer is a ployvalent single coil. His deck is designed to be very easy to use. These multiple configurations offer a wide choice of inhalation, thanks to several inserts provided. The finishes of Vauban are of a high quality and its design is refined Volute Modz in sum.

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  • The XIV by VoluteModz is a 24mm dripper with a single coil deck, resolutely oriented flavor it is equipped with an ultra reduced chamber. The XIV has an airflow adjustment and is squonk ready thanks to its provided pin. Its size, 14mm, makes one of the smallest dripper.

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