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  • The DotStick 2ml Kit by Dotmod is composed of a DotStick regulated mod and the DotStick Tank clearomiser. Its 22 mm diameter tube is compatible with 18650 and 18350 battery formats and its clearomizer is oriented towards indirect or restrictive inhalation.

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    The Wenax Stylus Kit is a perfect start-up turnkey kit. Composed of a 1100 mAh battery and a 2 ml tank (pod), it is oriented towards indirect inhalation. Rechargeable by USB, it is equipped with an automatic inhalation trigger system.

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  • The Q16 Pro Kit from Justfog is a perfect turnkey kit for beginners. Composed of the Q16 Pro Clearomiser with a capacity of 1.9 ml and a top filling it is oriented indirect draft . The battery that makes up this kit has a capacity of 900 mah and is endowed with 4 power levels .

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  • The CoolFire Z50 Kit and Zlide 4ml is manufactured by Innokin . It consists of the CoolFire , ultra compact box with integrated battery of 2100 mah for a maximum power of 50w and the Zlide in version 4 ml .

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  • The Nautilus GT Kit is the result of a collaboration between the manufacturer Aspire and Taifun. Composed of the Nautilus GT Clearomiser clearly inspired by the Taifun GT and the Glint box mod. With a maximum power of 75W equipped with a USB-C port, it works with an 18650 battery (not supplied).

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    Le kit JEM de Innokin est un kit idéal pour les débutants et ou les aficionados de l'inhalation indirecte. La batterie rechargeable de 1000mAh permet des heures d'utilisation ainsi qu'un contrôle de la puissance. Le réservoir d'une capacité de 2ml avec un remplissage par le haut, fonctionne avec les résistances JEM et est compatible avec les résistances

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