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Volute Modz

Volute Modz is the association of two passionate French vapers: Nicolas and Robin. Both from the city of Orleans, they are creators and manufacturers of the Drippers: Richelieu - Mazarin - Napoleon - XIV and the Vauban, their last achievement.
On this last dripper our team Steam and Vape have had the honor to participate in the development of this exceptional RDA BF.

  • Engraved Top Caps with special finishes for the Dripper Vauban of Volute Modz.

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  • Proprietary Drip Tip for the Volute Modz Vauban Dripper. Supplied with an optional insert to reduce airflow.

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    The Vauban is a dripper made by the French duo VoluteModz. This 22mm atomizer is a ployvalent single coil. His deck is designed to be very easy to use. These multiple configurations offer a wide choice of inhalation, thanks to several inserts provided. The finishes of Vauban are of a high quality and its design is refined Volute Modz in sum.

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  • The XIV by VoluteModz is a 24mm dripper with a single coil deck, resolutely oriented flavor it is equipped with an ultra reduced chamber. The XIV has an airflow adjustment and is squonk ready thanks to its provided pin. Its size, 14mm, makes one of the smallest dripper.

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