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Originally from Canada, qp Design are above all renowned for creating breathless atomizers! A benchmark for DL ​​vapers with the Fatality RTA or the Kali V2, they are expanding their catalog by opening the door to MTL with the Gata and even their first regulated box, the Fatal.

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    The Juggerknot MR is a rebuildable atomizer 25mm in diameter designed by Canadian modder QP Design. DL oriented, it has a postless single coil type deck and allows to embark up to 4.5 ml of liquid. Equipped with top filling and an anti-leak system.

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  • The Kali V2 RDA is a dripper designed by the Canadian modders of QP Design. Dripper 25 mm in diameter, dual coil, the Kali V2 is resolutely oriented for DL ​​vapers. Bottom feeder compatible, it comes with a multitude of accessories to customize it.

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