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  • The Diver is an RBA AIO atomizer and a Bridge compatible with the boro R4 format. Designed by Cthulhu Mod, it has a single coil deck placed at the top like an RDTA, a capacity of 4 ml and a filling on the front, it is oriented towards indirect inhalation.

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    The 520 Tank is an AIO atomizer designed for AIO mods compatible with the boro R4 format. It consists of a rebuildable part, and two chimneys allowing the use of BVC or PnP coils. With a capacity of 4.2 ml, it has a front filling and a large airflow panel.

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    The Cthulhu AIO Box is a regulated AIO mod designed by Cthulhu Mod compatible with the boro R4 format. Equipped with a chip that can deliver a maximum of 60W, it works with an 18650 battery and comes with a Boro and two bridges, one of which is rebuildable.

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